How to start a blog for free|Beginners Guide 2021

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Blogging is a great way to share our thoughts, opinions, ideas, information and knowledge with the world through the internet.


It is annoying when you want to start a blog and all you get to do is search and scroll through the internet to find one but many articles.


Start your Blogging Journey for free

Launching your blog and publishing articles has been easier nowadays than ever before because of many free helpful blog-publishing services, growing demand for articles and written content for every field and it requires no money if you are using free blog sites like blogger, WordPress etc. that are comfortably easier to use for beginners.

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So why not start blogging today with our tutorial of a few easy steps for how to create a blog for free and make money which will save you time taking only a few minutes to read and will help you start your own blog.

How to Earn from Blog?


If you are one of those people or simply curious enough to know about how to make money with a blog for beginners then read on as we have written all the basic necessary steps and easy information that might help you in getting started towards your first blog for free to even earning from your free blog!

So you can directly click on Step 1 and start reading!

Little to know about blogger-
Blogger is a Google owned platform that allows you to publish your blogs for free with a subdomain

In this article we will share how to create a blog with free domain name and how to start blog with no money.

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Steps to Start a blog for free on Blogger

Lets start our step by step tutorial which will show you how to create a blog for free blogspot.

1. Create a blogger account

Type the URL of Blogger website in your Google search bar. As the site opens, you can see the option of sign in click that and choose a Google account that you want to sign in with.

As blogger is owned by Google you need to sign in by using your Google account, which we guess you already have but if you dont have one yet or want to use another one for your business then you have to simply create it.

2. Setup your blogger blog

Now you’ll have to confirm your account. Write your name in the display name box as you confirm your bloggers profile!

After this, click on CREATE NEW BLOG then a pop up will be shown on your screen with boxes to write your blogs title, address and select a theme with different options.

Dont just write about anything. Choose a niche, that you want to write about, that your blog is going to be about, that you find yourself passionate about, that has a good search volume and people want to read about it.

Some examples are technology, digital marketing, lifestyle, food or travel!
Choose a title and domain name, most fitting and related to your overall content and what your blog is going to be about.

Your blogs domain name will be followed by and this is for free.

After growing a bit and earning with your blog you can change it to a custom domain which is paid, that will not include blogspot and will look more professional.

Dont worry if you cant decide now the perfect name or the domain name that you thought is already registered and not available, you can always change it later.

3. Customising the layout of your blog

To customize your blog as you want and need, choose a fresh and new, best suitable blog template that is available for free and matches your blog style and writing instead of a default one.

This will help in giving your site a more professional look and attracting readers to your blog eventually increasing traffic growth and ranking in Google.

If you are confused then just choose one as you can customise it later, so don’t waste time browsing and head on to the next step as you are in the process but remember you stick to one that you find most right.

4. Building an audience

Now click on create blog! Done! Congrats as you have successfully created your blog for free!

Write your blogs About page, that must not only be about you but the content you’ll be providing and writing about and your targeted audience. Make it about your readers and include your social media pages through which they can easily connect with you/your site.

Add an email subscription/sign up box so that site visitors can subscribe to your blog to receive the future blogs, updates and other important notifications.

It will help in building trust and gaining more readers to your site and no fear of losing them. Remember to optimize your sites settings.

5. Creating first blog post

Now after setting up your blog comes the writing part that you have to focus on. To write a new post click on posts tab then click New Post.
You must create new blog posts to gain more traffic and to finally earn from your blog.

Write mostly on trendy and popular topics that fall under your chosen niche. Focus on the quality of your writing. Quality blogs wins over quantity blogs. Writing a useful, lengthy, quality piece of article will help you getting ranked instead of writing five small blogs with less information it defeats your purpose and decrease your traffic growth!

Select a good title after a good keyword research like if I am writing on digital marketing, I will first select a title like How Does Digital Marketing Works and How You Can Do It? Or on food, How to make healthy yet yummiest fruit salads this summer?

Add relevant images and infographics that will make your website look a lot better adding more meaning and sense to your words making it easy to understand, engaging more readers to your site. It will also increase the time readers spend on your website.

After writing, hit the publish button and your blog post is out on the internet!

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6. Marketing your blog

Promote your blog. Dont just depend on writing and solely focus on your blogs, take some time for marketing your blog which is a crucial step. Share your blogs posts on different social media channels, use links. Use SEO in your writing.

7. Earning through your blog

Now finally the last simple step is to actually earn through your blog ,that will lead your blog to make money, to monetize it with Google AdSense. So after writing enough blog posts and gaining a fairly good number of readers to your blog all you have to do is go to the Earnings tab in your blog and enable AdSense.

Other things you can do from earning your blog is to sell products and services, do affiliate marketing etc. With this you’ll be able to earn money from your blog that you created for free.


We hope this article served as a helpful guide for you and you have been successful in creating your own blog without spending any money but if you have still any doubts left then feel free to comment, our team will surely reply to help you!

Blogging takes time and consistent work, the more you put these in your blog the more successful you are going to be.

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