How to Enable Facebook dark mode? Dark mode in Fb


Facebook has released its dark mode feature for Facebook lite and soon it is going to get launched for Facebook also.So here you’ll get the specialty about Facebook dark mode and how to enable it on your account.

Here’s a Look:


Facebook Dark Mode:

Since facebook’s platform Whatsaap as well as Messenger has received its official dark mode feature much earlier than expected but dark mode for Facebook was a high concern for most of the people because it is the platform that holds maximum number of peoples, but now the wait is over, Facebook has officially launched its dark mode feature.

But one of the biggest problems is that it has launched a dark mode feature for its lite’s members only. Facebook needs to wait for more.

Dark mode feature is liked by the maximum number of people but especially by the hackers, software developers or programmers. They are insane for Dark mode.
Instead of these peoples, the dark mode has given high priority by the common peoples also.

Without waiting more let’s know how to enable this feature to your Facebook account also.

Enable Dark Mode to Facebook Lite:

Step:1-Click on the three lines option in your Fb lite as shown below:
Step-2: Scroll down below and you will find an option as shown below just you need to enable that option:

All Done Enjoy Facebook lite’s Dark Mode.

Dark Mode for Dekstop:

In order to activate dark mode on your desktop, you need to follow the same steps as mentioned above.

Most of the users handle their Facebook through desktop only so they can also easily set their theme color to dark on desktop by following the above-mentioned steps.

Previously you need to set the flags to ‘Android web contents dark mode’  and type chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark in the URL section of your browser in order to enjoy the new look of Facebook that that method was not convenient for all, but now simply you can enable it. This is called an underdeveloping technology that is been modified according to the ongoing time and interests of the people.

Set Dark Mode in Messenger:

So we have enabled dark mode in Facebook but we mostly use messenger for messaging, what do we do now? How do we enable dark mode in messenger?

You need not worry just follow the given steps to enable dark mode on messenger.

Step-1: Open your messenger and click on your profile section as shown below:


Step-2: Just below your profile you will see an option DARKMODE as shown below you need to enable it.


You are done with the Messenger also.

Benefits of Dark Mode:

1-It reduces the consumption of the battery that results in longer battery life.

2-It reduces the Eye Strain as compared to other themes.

3-It looks awesome and gives us a great feel.

Disadvantages of Dark Mode:

1-Sometimes, words disappears that causes eye fatigue.

2-Long texts become hard to read.

About Dark Mode on Facebook:

Since we have got dark mode on lite as well as other platforms of Facebook such as Whatsaap and Messenger, Now what are some assumptions about Facebook, When we are getting Dark Mode there.

So if you will dive into this you will found that there is no fixed date when we are getting this update but as we know Facebook is a huge company and if it has launched it for lite that was made to serve peoples in slow network connection confirms that in less than 2-3 months we are going to get this big update on Facebook also so there is no need to worry about that. You need to maintain patience before we get this big update.


Through this entire article I have guided you on how you can enable dark mode on both the platforms ‘Facebook lite as well as Messenger’ and also I told you about the benefits and disadvantages of dark mode  but it’s up to you to enable it or not.

Seriously, If you will ask about my decision I will say that I have already enabled it, just go and enable yours also.

If you have queries you can comment down below.

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