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Content writing is a form of online and digital marketing that mainly focuses on creating,  publishing and sharing content on the internet through websites and social media, like relevant articles and blogs.

Content Writing Strategies

Content writing is to create useful and relevant content aimed for the specific targeted audience for a particular website or company according to the client’s needs and will.

Content can be used to build trust, to give, share and spread more information, about the company, to connect with the audience or just informational, educational or entertaining content for eg. best unique and awesome recipes to bake at home, and content writing is commercial too such as selling a product or service the readability real-life ough it and including affiliate links, for example, best ovens and other gadgets for baking awesome recipes at your home.

Content Writing Strategy

Content Writing not only includes the articles and blog on sites but it includes all the content that is based on writing and going to be published online for a particular purpose of the company such as posts on social media channels and writing YouTube video scripts and their descriptions.

The content is free to access by anyone but content writers still earn good pay through it as you can get hired by the company to generate content for them or you can start your own website or do blogging.

To be a good content writer only the ability to write well isn’t just enough because in this digital age where everyone is creating content, on different platforms,  for so many reasons, on the same topics, so it’s not easy to be unique here where everyone’s content feels like siblings and twins mostly the copy of each other maybe a little different with the words but still the same information.

Content Writing Steps

But it doesn’t matter if the face, if the topic and idea is same but the personality, your voice your point of view and opinion matters on that topic so if standing out in the crowd seems difficult which is then make sure to focus on promoting your posts, to be found in the sea of content and not get unnoticed and lost.

Even a good piece of content isn’t just enough it isn’t going to take you anywhere, you can’t expect to gain visitors to your websites but you need to promote your content you can’t just publish it and wait, no one’s gonna find you.

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So writing a good piece of the article takes more work than people might think,  sometimes writers face problems like writer’s block like they simply can’t write, they have to finish work before deadline, they find, search and generate good content ideas.

You have to work to make content accessible, reachable and sharable by the targeted audience.

How to write good content for blogs?

Content Writing Strategy

1. Start with a title and good introduction:

Writing a good title and headline is very important for writing a blog. The title should be catchy enough to attract readers to the site so that people would want to click and read the whole article.

2. Write subheadings:

Many people are searching on the internet, they are going through many blog and sites to find the information, they want what they are looking for, the answer, they aren’t going to stop by every article and read it instead if they click on one they will scroll and read the subheadings and conclusion of the article.

So don’t write long paragraphs as they aren’t easy to read, break them in small pieces of information with headings, keep them short and simple.

3. Use more keywords:

Billions of people are just regularly consuming content on the internet through social sites,  through searches. Search and find the topics that are proven to get views, that are on-demand that have high search results. You can search the most visited and viewed articles and can write about the same topic that will help you generate more traffic to your website.

So once your content goes online, once you publish it, it needs to be reached to the targeted audience, it should contain the keywords to improve the SEO, it should be properly optimized to be found rank higher in Google.

Use properly researched but relevant keywords for writing. A good content that is ranked on the first page by Google contains not only one keyword but hundreds or at least a thousand of them to gain the traffic to the site.

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4. Research:

You have to write on the topics you know a little or nothing about or you are not much interested in, you need to be ready to go out of your comfort zone, so always do good research before writing anything from Google, Good research is a key to a good article if you don’t know about the topic, read latest information about the topic, read facts, interviews, opinions of experts and other people, ask them directly through questions or polls on your sites or social media posts.

You can also reach out for the help and support of experts on that particular subject, it will add credibility to your work. Always search and use information and facts from credible sources.

5. Use images:

A good article not only contains good information and text but it also contains a lot of images.

People tend to read and spend more time on the website that contains images that are relevant and relates to the topic, what the text trying to explain, your article looks good and more engaging, the reader will not get bored it’s not like that when reading a good important piece of information we are going to get bored but it keeps a sense of engagement to the writing and gives your writing what it’s lacking and a professional look to your blog.

6. Say it with a quote:

End your article with a quote or use in between the paragraphs of the content, you can always search up a good quote or you can write one that you thought for the subject.

Everyone loves  quotes and sayings and there are so many quotes available that you can search for, by so many  people you can add your favorite quotes said by one of your favorite person that you look up  to or simply those that match with your article.

We also love finding and adding a good quote to our articles that relate and inspire our readers.

7. Update your blogs:

You are focusing on writing and creating more and more content and maybe your content or the piece from your article has become outdated.

So if other article features the same information on the same topic but it is updated and new so more people are going to click on that piece of information rather than yours.

You should update your blog as the old one might lack information, the information that might be in the new blogs.

So your content and information in it should be updated from time to time, you have to keep it up-to-date.

8. Don’t fake it, you can make it:

Your content should be original and genuine. It is not a good idea to search up a good article and copy its content.

Everyone needs originality because at the first place that person searched and wrote too they also got inspired from someone but never cheated if they can so you can too we never know the person behind the screen the content they need to be unique You can’t fake it, you can always learn and be a good content writer.

You have to be real and showing your real self in your work is worth it. So be original and be you.

You can add your solutions to the problems with your own personal experience and opinions to that matter or subject it adds trust and builds a relationship between your audience to the company or simply you can take the help of an expert on that subject.

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9. Keep it simple and readable:

Using headlines and previews will be helpful. Content should be readable and easy to understand it shouldn’t be complex otherwise no one’s gonna read it in the first place so you should always write a good headline, preview and short introduction to help the reader know to figure out what they are going to her through the article.

10. Feedback’s important:

You can ask for feedback from other people like your friends or you can ask them to read your content before publishing.

You can get feedback after publishing too by people who will read your blog like in the comment’s section, you can answer comments and can keep yourself motivated by them.

11. Listen to the comments:

There will always be some positive and some negative comments.

Don’t ignore some comments because you don’t like them just because they told you have made a mistake in the article, listen to them because they are negative to you but not hateful, sure you can ignore the hateful ones, but see without ignoring in what you are lacking, what information is wrong, just keep improving your work without ever stopping.

12. Use tools:

You can take the help of tools like Grammarly to correct your grammar and spelling and hemming way editor is good for testing the readability of your writing.

It will make your writing easier and good. You can Google their site, paste your work and check the readability of your article on the top right corner of the page.

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13. Build Internal Links:

We always don’t know information about a topic and we search that topic on Google and then you find one useful and informative article that you liked then you can link them to your b  so that your site readers can read them too.

So you can add sources and other articles that you liked and found helpful in writing your blogs,  and don’t forget to tell them that you like their articles and linked them in your articles.

14. Give examples:

You can explain more nicely by adding some good examples, it can be some real-life examples too,  that readers can relate to, it should feel like a conversation to the reader, it should be relatable but unique too.

15. Choose a format:

You can decide and choose a specific format for writing content that will help you in writing a  good blog.

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