Artificial Intelligence 101 Definition & Detailed Explanation

Have you ever heard the term Artificial Intelligence or its acronym AI?

I am sure most of you had and might be looking to know what “AI” really is or might be interested to know more about it.

Then the information in this article will surely help you find the answers to the questions you are looking for.

Read it fully to be able to really understand AI.

Let’s start with what AI is?



AI is a vast branch of computer science that deals with the simulation of intelligence seen in humans into machines, also referred as machine intelligence, it deals with making such systems, machines, and programs that have human-like intelligence and can do tasks that generally need ‘human intelligence’, the intelligence that is shown in humans like the ability to learn and the problem-solving skills, usually performed by human minds.

AI has the ability to learn, take actions like humans, and with that learning to be able to solve problems and do many tasks.

They have the ability of/to reason, decide based on the inputted data, plan something out, visual perception, face recognition, speech recognition, pattern recognition ability to recognize patterns like humans, translate voice and text in different languages and do different tasks consistently.

AI uses machine vision to gather the visual information around them and convert them into its own data, process it, it’s not like the human biological eyes, instead, it’s programmed to see and recognize with the camera in them and process the image to get the information about the objects in front and around them.

AI computer machines/gadgets are programmed to observe its environment, deeply learn from it, and with the learning and information, they take action for a specific goal thus they are able to surpass or at least show the human-like behavior and intelligence in completing tasks like playing strategy games like Go and chess and defeating the human player and even winning.

AI machines can’t see their past and can’t have memories and some have this ability but with limited memory only to do a particular task.

AI machines transcribe data from its environment and use this large data to learn, to do a certain task successfully. This is the data based learning for AI which helps in accomplishing a goal.

AI gains information and processes it to give a well-defined output. It is possible through machine learning algorithms and deep learning.

Algorithms recognize patterns in behavior and create their own logic. AI algorithms need to be tested regularly so that they make fewer errors and mistakes. AI scientists and developers work with machines, creating them by understanding human intelligence, cognitive thinking, and the brain first, like how it works to accomplish a goal and using the same idea for machines and gadgets.

Like building artificial animals, humanoids or animal robots that look like animals or humans in some way and behave in the same way as robot dogs and these machines can also be trained as a child, the way their Intelligence develops, the ability to complete tasks develops from learning through the environment.

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Is Artificial Intelligence dangerous?

AI has made its appearance in movies and books too, there are thousands of movies with Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence books, we can see the writers think into the possibilities of AI that doesn’t even exist yet, collaborating the whole concept of AI into different genres.

It’s often portrayed as high technology super-intelligent beings/creatures mainly robots and humanoids, becoming dangerous for its own creator, taking over the world, causing terror over the human race, maybe there’s where the general idea of AI getting harmful and scary for human existence comes from but in real life that’s not it, it’s not just science fiction too, it’s not just about dangerous or friendly robots, artificial intelligence technology exists and it’s not weird, unknown or scary as you might think it is, even helping us so much in many fields whether most people are aware of it or not.

AI has risen, developed, evolved, more than ever now, and became a modern and more popular branch of computer science today than it has ever been because of the advancements in technology, science, and computer fields.


The Artificial Intelligence define by John McCarthy, who  in 1956 coined the term AI, is “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.”

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Artificial Intelligence applications:

AI can perform the tasks that are simple, to the ones really complex and complicated for humans.

It helps in doing different tasks in different conditions and places making it a lot easier for humans.

Nowadays most industries and work fields use some artificial intelligence technology.

AI is used in banking, businesses, Chatbots, and virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Siri, in retail, trade, shopping, and producing and manufacturing various kinds of products, in the agricultural sector, and even in the healthcare industry.

Self-driving cars have the ability to drive with deep learning and image recognition without getting hit by another car and avoiding any collision on the road just driving safely following all the rules.

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare:

Artificial Intelligence software, machines, and programs have been created for the diagnosis processes, treatment protocol development, drug development, personalized medicine for patients and monitoring, caring for them,  used as assistants to remind when to take medicines and eat certain recommended food or go out for a walk or exercise, to consistently collect, organize, store and analyze data of thousands of patients and tests and gaining accurate results.

It is used in healthcare, in hospitals to treat patients with infectious diseases, for help in surgeries.

It is used in analyzing patient’s data, storing them processing, and giving more accurately fast results for treatment as there is lots of data of different patients with different diseases in hospitals where doctors need assistance too to work faster. Many apps are in development and have been developed to give advice with the knowledge of healthcare and detecting diseases precisely. Patient’s habit trackers and wearable health trackers to calculate heart rate etc. uses AI.

Developing drugs with the help of AI saves a lot of time, effort, and money.


Artificial Intelligence Types

The only type of AI that exists now in use is weak/narrow AI, mainly designed to perform particular tasks or jobs, but they can’t do other tasks which they are not programmed to do.

It is used in programs that recommend products used by Google and many online shopping websites like what to buy based on the collected data needed to show suggestions by AI, recognizing human speech, virtual assistant, vision and face recognition in Google photos they can recognize who/what is shown in the photo, detecting spam mail by reading the text or subject and detecting credit card fraud. Such as Netflix it’s a service providing content to its millions of users daily, recommending movies, TV shows based on the user’s interests, choices, and reviews.They can not have any emotions and can’t have any thoughts without programming data and learning from external sources.

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Flying Drones, Pandora, and Echo by Amazon use this type of AI. They can not have any emotions and can’t have any thoughts without programming data and learning from external sources.

Another type of AI is general/strong AI, it is very different from weak AI. It can be taught to do a variety of things and can use their information and knowledge for doing different tasks just the same as humans.

It is more flexible than the other type which is widely used. This one can be seen in movies such as AI robots with superintelligence, but that future is still far to be seen from now.

Another one is Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) as the name already suggests it is ahead than general AI and way more ahead than narrow AI as it surpasses human intelligence.

It’s just an idea that it could exist but how and when we don’t know and what could be accomplished by it is still in just our imagination and waiting to be known. So far it seems like it has only advantages but wait, humans.

What disadvantages of AI can be there to face?

First comes the cost, the cost of making such machines, setting up everything, buying hardware parts, cost of AI projects.

It will need maintenance and repair of parts over time. The more complex the AI will be, the more huge amounts of money will go into making it.

As AI will improve making its place in the real world, functioning well, helping humans, the people will lose their jobs unemployment will rise in many sectors and AI will take their place due to its more efficient in working without taking a break, unlike humans which will be profitable for most companies who will decide to take out human employees and will prefer to hire AI robots instead.

They can’t think on their own and lack human emotions and are unable to understand their and other’s feelings and thoughts which can be seen as a disadvantage in most work industries.

They can only do work which they are programmed to do, in a limited context, they can’t think or generate new ideas and bring something new creativity and change in the world.

They can even sometimes make errors because they can’t think on their own, they can’t decide if the result is correct or not, if not programmed and trained properly AI can cause damage sometimes such as if a machine gets broken and gets damaged, it will bring a delay in the work and hence it will be needed to repair or change which can, again, lead to costly expenses.

To see there are some downsides of it but only to make us aware as we go through the way, we will tackle problems and focus on the positive side to use AI for the better.

But surely the Artificial Intelligence benefits outweigh its drawbacks and we will continue to make progress through it.



We can’t really predict the future of AI but we can look at the present and see how much it’s presently embedded in our life.

There is a much longer way to go in the field of AI. Maybe in the future, they will be able to develop human emotions too or be conscious or self-aware or at least be able to understand humans or comfort/help/rescue them in times of need/emergency.

So what if they are able to think? Can they think just like us? can they be aware of their own self one day and live just like us as our friends? what will happen? What if the books, the movies were true about predicting the future of AI all based on robots then they will be able to create repair and help each other in learning things and make more like their own?

Maybe then they might be able to decide their own avatars, & their look? But it’s so ahead of us and yet we think about it, it’s still crazy to think about and maybe that’s where it’s starting to get your head dizzy, but there’s no need to worry about. Let’s look at the present reality first, then the future, into which we are moving forward, and we have a sure hope and idea for this.

But if they turn evil, killing humans and taking control of the earth in their own hands, then our specie would struggle to just survive.

Then ASI(AI) will prove the biggest and the last mistake in the history of mankind, but what if they are friendly? Then we would regret not making them able to think and then we can peacefully live with each other. They can help us and we can help them as their creator; we can co-exist.

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“By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.” Eliezer Yudkowsky

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